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I mean, I don’t even try hard ( I literally act like myself) but people always seem to take that route and try to alienate me for some reason. No one realizes whether I put myself out there or not that I care or willing to listen without judgement or at least that I care enough to help. But no, people seem to only be selfish and make you seem important until they actually need help then go out of their way that they dont care about you, leaving you to wonder why they even wanted you in their lives in the first place ever :p. It’s confusing

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You ever feel like no matter what you do or who you are/what you mean to someone else your always the second (or worst) possible option? 

All I ever want to be is a person’s friend. Seriously. 

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Plot twist: It was modern day all along

The Gold Rush Days tournament, held annually in July in historic South Pass City, features four teams of players from the surrounding area. Loosely following rules from late 19th-century “base ball,” the athletes wear old-fashioned uniforms, swing wooden bats and try to catch the ball with small leather mitts (inevitably resulting in broken fingers every year).

It also shows how far the sport has come Follow micdotcom

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